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 1L Net Pots Now in Stock


Hortishop provides the highest quality horticultural products and strives to deliver a reliable service and after sales service; more specifically for hydroponics in tunnels or greenhouses, hydroponics indoors under artificial lighting and even to industries like aquaculture, permaculture, bio-dynamics as well as research facilities, universities and colleges country-wide.

Whether it be for the domestic hobbyist, semi-commercial or even commercial projects that want to experiment on a small scale and need product support and advice, Hortishop is here to help you with all your horticulture needs.

Our extensive range of products

                  Growing Media

Choosing the right media is crucial.


Which nutrient is best for your plants?

             Nutrient Management

Do you know your solution values?

                  Plant Lighting

Get the right lighting for each growth stage.

                     Water & Air

Oxygen is key to optimum performance.


Manage temperature & circulation correctly.

                   Plant Care

Prevention is better than cure.


A good start means a good finish.

              Hydroponic Systems

Constant plant watering ensures healthy crops!

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